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The 10 Sessions

A detailed look of each of
The Container’s 10 sessions.

Our minds are designed to learn new information through Repetition and Interaction. The curriculum of The Container was built on that model.

Repetition: We offer 10 sessions to gradually introduce new ideas into your psyche. Interaction: You work with trained facilitators and the other participants to deeply root these new ways of being into your life.

Unlike weekend workshops, your learning from The Container doesn’t simply wear off after a while. Graduates enjoy permanent life changes as a result of their experiences with us.

Below is a detail of what we accomplish in each of The Container’s 10 Sessions. Click on each one to learn more.

Who is The REAL You? It’s the YOU that existed before you we told about showing up perfectly. It is the YOU who doesn’t judge yourself on your flaws and imperfections. In Session 1 we take all the pressure off. We get open, honest and vulnerable. We set a new standard for showing up in the world honestly. You learn to step boldly into the freedom of existing as your REAL self!

We all want to be impeccable with our word. So why do we make commitments we regret later or don’t really plan to keep? In Session 2 we set new goals and create a new standard for making commitments we are certain to keep. We hold ourselves accountable to the group and we learn how hold others accountable to their word as well. In strengthening our word, we garner the trust of those we depend on most.

Every day we are being judged by others, silently or directly. We can always feel it. Judgments often leave us frustrated and depleted. Yet, what if there was a shield you could use to deflect all those judgments? You would remain calm and feel whole regardless of how people came at you. In Session 3 we teach you how to do just that! In learning The Shield, you gain mastery over how you react to others. It is an immensely powerful tool that can be used in every aspect of your life.

What if you could learn to communicate in a way that made an immediate impact? You would always know you were being heard. In Session 4 we learn tools of bold and direct communication. We gain key listening skills that allow others to feel heard as well. This immediately put them at ease, drawing them deeper into our conversations. The result is clearer, more connected dialogues that foster more enjoyable relationships and closer connections.

Most of us avoid confrontation at all costs. Yet, confrontation with others is not only unavoidable, it’s also necessary. In Session 5 we take the sting out of confrontations by learning how to diagnose and deconstruct them. We see that there is actually something much deeper happening in every confrontation. The truth is, they offer us a unique insight into ourselves. In recognizing how we create confrontations, we instantly gain the ability to resolve them.

Our fears are like a bridge spanning a deep chasm. When we try to cross that bridge we often become petrified and blocked by our own Fear Barrier. Session 6 is a deep dive into examining our fears. We look at the beliefs of our fears and how we recreate stories that perpetuate them. In piercing the Fear Barrier we develop a whole new relationships with fear, making it a companion on our journey. We skillfully to cross that bridge and every bridge of our future.

When we were young we were bright, vibrant and full of energy. We used that energy to influence the big people in our lives to get what we wanted. Then we were taught to behave and our bright selves all but went away. In Session 7 we experience turning the dial back up on our vibrancy. In a renewed state of exuberance we step into ourselves more powerfully. We learn to positively influence those around us to support our vision, goals and life asperations.

Shame is the belief that we are, at our core, functionally unlovable. It’s simply never true. Shame and guilt are the most toxic of feelings and must be abolished to live healthy conscious lives. In Session 8 we do just that. In shining a light on shame and guilt we expose their fraud. We learn to move through those feelings instead of being controlled by them. We see ourselves as the loving beings we truly are.

All that you have learned along your journey in The Container has prepared you for this moment. It is the our promise that you will experience life unlimited and Session 9 is exactly where it happens. The new “You-niverse” is a place of rules and ways of being that are your own creation. Your limiting beliefs no longer hold you back. The thoughts and judgments no longer effect your view of yourself. You arrive and the ultimate jumping off point for what is next in life and love.

In Session 10 your team reviews their time together in The Container. We acknowledge and celebrate the courage and accomplishments of each member of your team. Yet, one of the most unique aspects of this program is that we teach you how to run and facility your own Container. Your group can continue on indefinitely…for FREE! In Session 10 we provide you with all the materials you need to keep going and we set intentions for continuing your journey down the golden road ahead!