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The Container: Frequently Asked Questions

No. The Container is a personal growth and empowerment course, not a therapy group. While we touch on emotional issues, our core emphasis is on the personal responsibility for moving one’s life forward. The REGISTRATION FORM for The Container states that those who are experiencing any kind of psychological trauma cannot be accepted into the program.

Yes. Any adult at least 18 years of age may register. Participants must meet the requirements listed in the REGISTRATION FORM before being accepted into the program. Your Container may have between 10 and 30 participants however you can usually count on there being around 20 people.

You will find your fellow Container participants to be intelligent, highly engaging, and excited to take on new challenges. Our program is designed to attract people who are both supportive and self-motivated. We are particular in only allowing in those who are ready to hit the ground running.

Each Container session is three hours long. Typically they occur on a weekday evening from 7:00-10:00 pm. Your Container’s location will be indicated on the REGISTRATION FORM.

We urge participants to attend every session, yet we understand that life can get in the way. Though make-up sessions are not available, you will be emailed a review of every evening’s training. If you miss a session, we suggest you contact a fellow participant and discuss the session with them. While most people do not make all 10 sessions, we suggest not missing more than three.

For the most part, yes. The sessions will occur once a week at the same day and time. However, there may be instances where we need to skip a consecutive week due to unforeseen circumstances, national holidays, etc. If that happens, the sessions will resume in order at the next meeting.

We are proud to say that no participant has ever requested a refund. However, here’s The Container’s 100% Money Back Guarantee policy: Participants may request a full refund within 15 days of completing their Container and only after attending all 10 sessions of The Container in their entirety. Those requesting a refund must submit their request by filling out The Container’s ONLINE REFUND FORM in its entirety. Once submitted, we require a short phone intake (10-20 min) to discuss the nature of the dissatisfaction with The Container. If the participant has completed all of the above requirements, they will be issues a refund within 60 days of their request.

Nothing except your willingness to go on a transformational experience. There are no workbooks or home work to complete. This is an experiential program. The learning in The Container is designed to be accessed on a deep emotional level where true change and growth takes place. Most participants don’t even take notes. They find that doing so takes them out of the experience.

Partners who attend together do so with the intention to support and witness each other’s growth experiences. Please understand that The Container is not a place for troubled partners to work out relationship issues. The focus is on resolving the relationship issues you have with YOURSELF. Most importantly, please do not make attending The Container a “have-to” for your partner.

Most of the struggles we face in life can be traced back to feelings of discouragement and a lack of self love. Yet, we know that you came into the world as a vibrant and joyful being. So something happened early in life that made you form a belief system which turned down your vibrancy. In The Container, we work to dismantle those old belief systems and re-engage the truth of you as an exceptional being. In doing so, you become that joyful, vibrant being again. You find that most of the life-long problems we’ve been plagued with begin to disappear.

The Container refers to the energetic space we create in each session of the program. Within this space, you will feel safe and encouraged to go on a deep exploration of the true nature of yourself as you never have before. Participants often say this supportive environment is unlike anything they have experienced. In many ways, it defies explanation. There is truly nothing like the feeling of compassion and encouragement members experience in their Container.

For over 30 years Dan Gordon has participated in, lead and designed transformational workshops. His training began in 1987 when Dan enrolled in a weekend seminar called Understanding Yourself and Others. The experience was so profound that he was soon in the training program to become an instructor. Dan made it through this two-year intensive training process, surviving the program’s rigorous 70% drop-out rate. As a certified instructor, Dan taught workshops across the country for 100s of participants. Dan also participated The ManKind Project, an international men’s organization, where he became a facilitator as well. Here, he created and taught an original program called The Essential Man Workshop. Currently, Dan travels the country as a keynote speaker, coach and facilitator for high networth clients. He also volunteers in a variety of organizations devoted to growth, development and personal exploration. Using all his combined experiences and years of training, Dan has developed The Container; his masterwork. His vision is to help all people step into the challenges that produce breakthrough transformations. Therefore they can live life as their greatest selves, truly experiencing life unlimited!

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