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The Container

Experience life unlimited!


“Saying this course was life-changing doesn’t
even begin to describe what I learned here.”

There’s a fire burning inside of you. It’s time to let it out!

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When you’re at the top of your game, you feel life is unlimited.

Then why sometimes are you swept away in self doubt? Why does fear grip you? Why do you become trapped in uncertainty?

But imagine what you could accomplish if you had complete control over all those feelings.

The Container is a 10 session face-to-face workshop designed to ignite your inner fire! Each week you go on a fascinating, deep exploration of YOU. As your old beliefs are challenged, you will explode into a whole new way of living. We call this Break-through Transformation.

Graduates experience a renewed enthusiasm for taking on their biggest challenges and truly live life unlimited!

What Happens in the Container?

Each 3-hour session of the Container is guided by a trained facilitator through three parts:

1) The Descent: Participants open up by speaking their truth and shift into a state of mind ready for the session’s deep work.

2) Primary Training: An intense, interactive process of deep learning. Participants move through a breakthrough experience, learning tools for approaching life in new bold ways.

3) The Closing: Participants share what they gained through the experience. The session ends with a closing process to appreciate their journey and re-enter their world.

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what happens in The Container.

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The Container isn’t for everyone.

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The Container is an intense and powerful program, designed for those who are passionate about living life unlimited. People choose The Container over other workshops because they are seeking an advanced level program.

For this reason, not everyone who applies for The Container is accepted. However, we review every application, and reply within 24 hours with feedback and suggestions. We still want to help even if The Container isn’t a good fit.

If this sounds appealing to you, please click APPLY NOW to submit your application. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Container: At a Glance

A small-group environment.

With no more than 30 people in the room, you get individualized and focus attention from your facilitator.

Dynamic Trainings.

Each of your 10 sessions offer powerful, interactive training modules. You learn tools for approaching life in bold new ways.

Free Support for LIFE!

We teach you how to facilitate your own group. So after your 10 sessions, you can keep your meeting going as long as you choose!

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